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Mission has the capability to draw in people and entice them to move to our small community;

  • Proximity to Vancouver.
  • Proximity to International Airports.
  • Proximity to US Border.
  • Waterfront.
  • The TransCanada Highway is close and the Lougheed Highway runs right through our
  • Rail Lines and rapid transit. The West Coast Express is ideal for those commuting in
    and out of the city on a regular basis.
  • Land and homes for sale at attractive and reasonable prices.

And so much moreā€¦

Mission is surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty. Numerous freshwater lakes, breathtaking
vistas, cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains decorate the Fraser Valley. There are so
many things luring people out of the city and towards the Fraser Valley.

As spring has finally arrived, many of our Mission residents are starting to get outside
and engage in recreational activities.

And where do they head? Our parks.

There are a total of 29 parks in Mission and each one of them offers something unique to
our community. These safe public spaces act as recreational centres for athletics and/or
amusements, they can be a slice of nature, perfect for an afternoon stroll or a go-to place
for children to run off energy.

Community parks are valuable for a number of reasons. They provide space for
neighborhood residents to interact with each other and meet new people. In essence, one
could say that our parks are the outdoor living rooms of Mission.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of finding that perfect piece of green space, where
one can fully detect from the usual stresses of life and work.

  • Sales for detached homes in Mission have increased by 119.5% since this time last
    year. There has been a 12.5% increase between February and March.
  • New listings are up by 110.8% from last year.
  • Mission Townhouse sales and new listings have decreased by approximately 50%
    from last year, although they remain fairly consistent compared to February 2021.
  • Apartments new listing have increased by 200% from last year, though sales remain

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