February has now marked the sixth consecutive month for record breaking sales in the Fraser Valley.

  • New Listings for detached homes in Mission have increased by 24.2% since this time last year. Sales are up by 95.1%.
  • Mission Townhouse sales remain fairly consistent with not much change in sales from last year. New listings are down by 50%.
  • Apartments sales have increased by 14.3%, though new listings remain low.

Today, we are going to look at a few of the reasons why the Fraser Valley is  currently so appealing and therefor attracting so many Vancouverites.

Why move to Mission?

#1. Value for money.

Vancouverites are getting more than ‘bang for their buck’ here in Mission. Imagine how surreal it would feel for you to finally get that backyard you’ve always dreamed of? Hosting BBQ’s, cutting your own lawn, building the perfect summer patio and erecting the family pool. It’s all an attainable dream.

What an exhilarating moment to be able to park your own car in your own garage, as opposed to an underground, shared lot.

The price of an apartment or condominium in Downtown Vancouver will equal or far exceed the price of a family home found in Mission. As prices continue to soar to unrealistic heights, the cost of living in Vancouver becomes more and more outrageous and impractical each day.

#2. Start and grow a family.

Young families are bidding farewell to the big city and planting new roots in Mission. The lure of the small town and the small community is strong.

Teach your kids to ride their bike on a quiet, local neighbourhood street. Join little league. Wave at your neighbours across the fence.

Here in Mission, your family immediately becomes part of a ‘community.”  From the time children are young, creating a sense of community where they can feel secure, nurtured and supported is important.

#3. The ability to work from home.

We have reached the new normal of a “working-from-home economy.” It seems like this revelation is likely to continue long past the coronavirus pandemic. Less people commuting not only reduces the carbon footprint on our planet, but also improves our mental health.

#4. More space.

Mission has the ability to boast 29 neighbourhood parks, as well as a multitude of trails in our own backyard. There is plenty of space to get outside and enjoy some fresh air on a regular basis. We have the small-town feel, while still having the convenience of being so close to the city.