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The Beauty Of Mission BC

Facts About Mission

Mission is a great place! here are some interesting things

1. Once Known For Its Strawberry Festival

There was a time in Mission’s history when the region was heralded for its annual festival. This festival was unique because it brought everyone together and took the time to honor a Strawberry Queen and a Strawberry King.

These individuals would be among the most loved in the community and there would be a celebration around them as well.

It was a great bonding experience at the time and appreciated by the locals.

2. Hosts The Heralded Candlelight Parade

The Candlelight Parade continues to be a trendsetter in the region because it is all about bringing everyone together and creating that local celebration everyone falls in love with around the city.

Mission BC is appreciated for offering a no-fee parade as it allows everyone to have a good time. The candlelights are a joy to see and are one of the better experiences a person is going to have in the heart of Mission BC when they get a chance to join in on the fun.

3. Home To Major National Historic Site of Canada

It is important to note Mission BC is heralded for its natural beauty and that includes the history of the region.

It is a city that continues to be home to a major national historic site – Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse. This has to do with the history behind this location and all that comes along with it.

At one point, this was one of the more important parts of the city and has a big role to play in how well it did. This alone makes it a must-see for those who are setting foot in Mission BC.

4. Scotland Has A Tartan Representing Mission

To the surprise of many people, Scotland has a unique relationship with Mission. It is a country that has taken the time to build a strong connection due to the Scottish background of those who first step foot in Mission, BC with their loved ones.

These settlers took the time to spread the tartan that is now seen in Scotland. Yes, the tartan now holds a special place in Scotland and is one that is often seen if you take the time to visit.

There is a historic connection to this tartan and it is one of many special ones in Scotland.

5. Home to Canada’s First Train Robbery

While this is not something the city is going to be proud of, it is still an intriguing fact for those that love to go through the historic nature of certain crimes in the city. For Canada, this is the place of its first train robbery.

The robbery took place during 1904 and was the first time someone had stolen something off of the train that used to go through the area. This is unique and an interesting look at how far the country has come along with the city of Mission.

While You’re Here, These Are 5 Fun Things to See in Mission

  1. Westminster Abbey 

  2. Rolley Lake Provincial Park

  3. Powerhouse at Stave Falls Visitor Centre

  4. Bear Mountain Trail

  5. Mission Raceway Park 

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