Recently, the Mission Record published a magazine filled with 101 different things to do in our community, and the surrounding area. It was an interesting and informative read, and fun to see what someone like myself has and hasn’t done, having grown up in Mission.

While I must admit that I am not able to check each 101 boxes as completed, it has now become my Mission bucket list. The compilation is an excellent starting point for newcomers to the community, and a perfect guide to get everyone out there and exploring.

Here are a few of my favorites:

#4. Walk the Slough

This pleasant and easy stroll leads you along Inch Creek, Suicide Creek and the banks of the Fraser River. It’s picturesque, quiet, serene and offers some tremendous photo opportunities. If you are an avid photographer, sunrise and sunset offer the best shots. You will not be disappointed at the beauty this walks presents.

#5. Sturgeon Fishing

Get out on the Fraser River and catch yourself the biggest, most prehistoric-looking fish you’ll ever lay eyes on! And once you’ve snapped the selfie, you can set it free and try to catch another one. Fraser River fishing is invigorating and will give you a lifetime of fish-story bragging rights.

#7. Go see The M

It’s public art, and although public art often comes with its share of controversy, the M cool. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Our downtown M is a perfect representation of  Mission, our community and our history. Go check it out.

#13. Westminster Abbey

Check out this historical Benedictine monastery, grandiose in stature, with 64 stained glass windows, all 22 stories high. Not interested in going inside? Walk through the gardens, along the path and discover a brilliant view of the Fraser Valley. Stick around awhile and you’ll hear the bells chime… which is also #41 on the list.

#25. Buy Farm Fresh

Our community Farmers Market is held downtown every Saturday morning. Seasonal produce, fresh eggs, bread, honey, preserves, plants, seeds, natural skin care products and handicrafts can all be found here.

The Fraser valley market remains a seller’s market. Mission real estate is hot right now and if you ever thought about selling your home, now is the time!

Detached Home sales in Mission are up 304% compared to May 2020. Up 7.2% compared to April 2021. Townhouse sales are up 100% compared to May 2020 and up 33.3% compared to April 2021. Apartment sales are up 233.3% compared to May 2020 and up 150% compared to April 2021.