The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board processed 46 Detached Homes, 12 Townhomes and 6 Apartment Listings in January 2020 vs 67 Detached Homes, 6 Townhomes and 4 Apartment listings in January 2019 in Mission.

A total of 36 houses were sold in January 2020. Out of those sales, 3 townhomes and 4 apartments making the majority of sales in Detached homes 80 percent.

Detached Homes:

  • Benchmark Price: $652,700.00
  • Decrease from January, 2019: 1.5%


  • Benchmark Price: $439,300.00
  • Decrease from January, 2019: 2.7%


  • Benchmark Price: $345,400.00
  • Increase from January, 2019: 2.1%

We are starting to see prices to rise with multiple bids starting to creep back due to a low inventory of houses. The most in demand are basement entry homes under $900,000.00.  Mission has become an area that attracts buyers from higher priced markets. Even with many homeowners having to travel for work and to see family, the market is staying steady.

For the full Fraser Valley Statistics Package for January 2020, click this link