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Westminster Abbey

This is among the most popular tourist spots in the region and is one of those names that is known by a lot of people around Canada, America, and even parts of Europe.

It is a historic site and one of those hotspots that you are going to want to visit. Westminster Abbey is all about the ornate chapel and how it settles above everything else in the region. It is also about the sparkling monastery grounds that are a joy to see as soon as the weather improves.

Being able to walk around and soak in the sights is an enthralling and soothing experience for those who get the chance to relish the moment. It is also soaked with history and that is great for history buffs that love everything about the role religion has played in the earlier years of Mission.

Take the time to walk around, speak to others around Westminster Abbey, and enjoy everything that comes along with this beautiful site. It is one of a kind when it comes to aesthetics, charm, and the overall ambiance you are going to notice around the area.


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